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Know Your Ancestry

Learn more about your family ancestry with the help of the Center Cemetery Association in Lometa, Texas. Utilizing the helpful online tool
Find a Grave, we help you find out more information about your deceased grandparent, parent, or loved one that is buried in our cemetery. You are also able to browse this online resource to find information about people buried all over.

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The Genealogy of Your Family

The genealogical information provided by the Center Cemetery Association teaches about an individual's background, including where they were born and died, interesting stories from their life, and whether or not they were successful or a black sheep in the family. By learning about your family's genealogy, you can gain a better understanding of where you came from.

We strive to update our online listing of information regularly. If someone you know passes away and they are buried in Center Cemetery, their background will be posted online within the next week in most cases. We invite you to email us about adding or correcting any information that we have posted regarding their ancestors or loved ones who have passed.