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For more than 40 years, the Center Cemetery Association has been keeping detailed records of every person buried on our property. We have more than 700 people buried in our cemetery, with the oldest marked grave belonging to C.C. Carter, who died in an Indian raid in 1865. If one of these people is a family member or loved one of yours, we can provide information about their background and family lineage.


Count on our association to provide you with information about your family genealogy.
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About the Center Cemetery Association

The Center Cemetery is located six and a half miles east of Lometa, Texas, in the country off the old Lampasas Highway. Originally named Fowler Valley, the name of the cemetery was changed when we purchased it in the 1970s. This well-kept property greets guests with a beautiful stone entryway and is protected by a chain link fence on all sides.

When an individual buys a lot in our cemetery, it is there for them until they pass away. For a one-time fee, a maintenance crew mows their lot and keeps it clean. They also display flags on Veteran's Day and Memorial Day for all deceased military veterans. Individuals that purchase burial plots in our cemetery have the option of having their image placed on their headstone.


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